Friday, September 27, 2013

M2M 30 Day Hijab Challenge - Pics

Alhamdulilah we had a great time doing this challenge and will in shaa Allah be doing more. A big thank you to everyone who participated all over the world for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

M2M 30 Day Hijab Challenge

Join us for this 30 day hijab challenge. Post pics on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Don't forget to tag us @Muslimah2Muslimah and #M2M30dayhijabchallenge. Be creative & have fun! Feel free to share this post so we can get more sisters involved.

Asalaamu Alaikum
Nadira & Najwa

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Check-In

As salaamu alaikum! Subhan Allah I can't believe Ramadan is already more than half way over. :-( This month is really flying by. The first 10 I was tested and shown just how merciful Allah(swt) truly is. I just wanted to make a quick post to check in with everyone and see how you all were doing. 

Alhamdulilah I am good. I am a little bit behind in our Read the Quran in 30 days challenge but in shaa Allah I will catch up tonight. Our group on facebook has been amazing and it's so great to see so many others perspectives and people sharing what has stood out to them. Click here to join. In shaa Allah I will continue with reading the Quran in a less intensive manner, but still reading often after Ramadan. It has been a reminder to me of how beautiful Islam is and makes me feel so blessed to be a Muslimah.

I hope that you are drinking plenty of water when the sun is down because these days are very long and it's important to stay hydrated. One tip that works great for me is green smoothies in the morning for suhoor. I prep my fruits at night and blend them in the morning. I also add chia seeds to help me stay full. Any thing that is quick and easy like oatmeal, bagels, etc are also good. 

My Green Smoothie Goodness

The most difficult time for me this month, is not the fasting from eating, but has been when I'm driving. People drive so recklessly and I have to remind myself I'm fasting to stay calm. But other than that things have been smooth sailing for me, alhamdulilah. :-)

Alright it will be time for iftar soon(I've got some delicious Thia food calling my name) so I will end this post but I would love for you to leave your comments below and let me know how your Ramadan is going(and what you've been eating for suhoor). :-)

Click here for our most recent Chattin It Up with M2M | Ramdan video with more tips and advice

May Allah accept all our fasts - ameen

Ramadan Mubarak

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Happy Polishing!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HOOTD | Polka Dots & Flowers(VIDEO)

Ramadan mubarak! In shaa Allah everyone's fast is going well. Here is a quick hijab outfit of the day for you to enjoy from Nadira. Click here to subscribe to her new YouTube channel & feel free to share!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nadira's HOOTD | Polka Dots & Floral

Hijab | JC Penny
Blazer | Thrifted
Top | Old Navy
Polka Dot Joggers | F21
Over sized Clutch | Made by Nadira*
Shoes | Targe'

*tutorial for over sized clutch will be posted soon on Nadira's YouTube Chanel. Click the link to subscribe so you don't miss it!